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Pozzomaggiore can be reached from the 131 state road that connects Sassari to Cagliari.

If coming from Cagliari take the Cossoine exit, if coming from Sassari the Semestene exit and if from the 292 Alghero take the Oristano state road, Padria exit.

The once called Puttumajore is situated in a well known region named Logudoru - Mejlogu and spreads over a plateau with winding hills towards North and East, with a panoramic valley to the West, from which you can admire Padria and Mara villages and also Mount Minevra.

To South - West runs the Temo river valley. The fertile soil and abundance of water have favoured human settlement since prehistoric times, as many ancient monuments in the territory can prove. These are typified by Menhir, Dolmen, Domus de Janas and simple or complex monuments as those from ''Sa'Olta'e sa Ide'' (14 tombs). There are also traces of human settlements in caves (''Su Guanu'' - ''Sa Rocca Boida'').

In the countryside there are over 40 nuraghi, of which three are the nuragic villages of ''Cae'', ''Ruggiu'' and ''Alvu'' as well as some very rare ''pseudo-nuraghi'' with rectangular base ''Bassu'' and ''Giolzi''. Not far from the village you can find the Tombe dei Giganti (tombs of the giants) in the ''Sa Tanca 'e sa Animas'' region.