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Church and Museum

Horse racing is very popular in the Pozzomaggiore area. Horse breeding is a significant element in the area's economy and is an essential part of local culture. It is also a major tourist attraction.

The area, which is beautiful, has a wild landscape, and strong scents of the Mediterranean maquis, is full of horse tracks. It also has important nuragic and Neolithic remains. Of great interest is the Horse Museum that occupied the former Augustinian convent from the 17th to the 19th century. It has since transferred to the horse police headquarters. The museum has ten rooms each covering historical, anthropological and traditional aspects of the horse. It is unique, underlining the importance of the horse, and it is mentioned in the tourist review ,''About travel and travellers''. The museum has a cultural and dynamic role in the area, hosting art exhibitions and other cultural events, as it seeks to make the horse a symbol of human heritage, as recently suggested by UNESCO in Paris.

Inside the museum you can find the Pesarin Donation, a collection of architectural samples as architraves, capitals, pillars and stone jambs manufactured by locals and rescued from the destruction that came with the renewal of the ancient centre of Pozzomaggiore. The collection was gathered with great care and sensitivity by Mister Pesarin and donated to the Pozzomaggiore City Council.

In Pozzomaggiore there are a Horse Racing Association and a Horse Racing Centre.

The Pozzomaggiore Horse Association was founded in 1986. From the year 2000 young people from Pozzomaggiorehave have administered it. The Association gained FISE affiliation and founded a federal riding school that now has about 50 students. The students come from all the nearby villages and the best of them participate in regional contests of type C, achieving good results. The Association organizes every year the regional FISE obstacle contests of type C with participants that come from every part of Sardinia.

The Horse Racing Centre, dedicated to General Eugenio Unali, is situated in a region named ''Su cularidanu'', just outside the village, and has two stables with fifty stalls, an insemination centre with 15 stalls. There is a regular race track of eight hundred metres with stands for viewing, a lighting system and a drainage system. There is also a sand covered warm up track. Every year, in June, the Centre, in cooperation with the Horse Development Institute, organises tests, which include jumping tests for three-year-old and two-year-old horses in order to evaluate the progress of the anglo-arab-sardinian horse. The Insemination Centre is open from March until June for stallions from the Horse Development Institute to cover the brood-mares of local breeders.